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Published: 14th November 2011
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A romantic date does not need to cost a lot of money. In fact, some of the most memorable dates are those that are thoughtful and creative rather than expensive. Whether you are planning the perfect date for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse, these twelve thoughtful and romantic date ideas won’t be a burden on your pocketbook.

Date Idea #1: Share a picnic in the park.

A home cooked meal in the park can be just as romantic as a meal eaten at an expensive restaurant. To make it even more special, choose a place that has a special meaning to both of you. It could be the place you first met or somewhere that holds a special memory.

Date Idea #2: Plan a theme for your date.

Make a date spent at home more exciting by planning a themed movie night. Instead of making popcorn, surprise your date with a cake for the occasion. Baking a cake from store bought mix is easy and makes for a fun dessert because it can be iced and decorated together. If you are creative, you can even decorate the cake to fit the theme for the night. Make sure to have a camera handy to take a picture of your "date cake" before cutting the first slice.

Date Idea #3: Take advantage of city-hosted concerts and events.

Most towns and cities host festivals, especially in the summer months. By looking on the Internet you can find free concerts and city events to attend. These festivals often feature many different forms of entertainment and are suitable for all ages.

Date Idea #4: Watch a live taping of a television show.

If you live near a major city, a popular television show may be filmed in your area. Many of these shows are filmed before a live studio audience and offer free or inexpensive tickets to attend. Look for tickets early, especially for shows that are popular and may sell out quickly.

Date Idea #5: Take a romantic walk.

Walking is good exercise and with a little planning it can also be romantic. After a late dinner, take a walk with your partner or spouse. Surprise them by choosing a route that will lead to a great view of the sunset. Many weather websites can help you plan your romantic walk by predicting exactly when sunset will occur.

Date Idea #6: Go skating.

Whether it is the summer or winter, skating can be a fun activity to enjoy together. In the summer, many parks offer paved trails for roller skaters to use. On winter days, strap on a pair of ice skates at a local rink. When you are finished skating, enjoy a mug of hot chocolate or other refreshment together.

Date Idea #7: Spend a day at the beach.

Many state parks have excellent beaches for those looking to enjoy a day away from home. Though they do charge admission, their day passes are inexpensive and give access to all of their facilities. If you plan on spending the day at a state park, consider bringing a picnic to share on the beach or dining area.

Date Idea #8: Spend the night staring at the stars.

Treat that special person to a little stargazing on a cloudless evening. On any given night there are many different objects that can be seen in the sky. Constellations, meteor showers, and even planets can be seen if you know where to look. The International Space Station is also visible with the human eye and flies over most areas about three times every night. Many websites have information that can help you find the best night to go stargazing in your area.

Date Idea #9: Have a games night.

If your partner is addicted to video games, challenge them at their favorite game. Alternately, if your partner or spouse prefers board games, pull out some of the classic games, such as Scrabble or Monopoly, to play together. To make it more special, set up a table in your backyard or take your game to a beach or park.

Date Idea #10: Make a dessert from farm fresh fruit or berries.

Nothing tastes better than a dessert made from fruit or berries that you hand-picked yourself. Many farms offer this type of service and have a wide variety of produce to choose from. Once home, turn your loot into a tasty dessert to serve after a romantic candlelight dinner.

Date Idea #11: Slow dance to the music of your heart.

If you are feeling romantic, make a mixed tape of your favorite love songs. Take your sweetheart to the beach and slow dance to the songs you’ve recorded until the sun goes down. If dancing in public is not for you, light candles in your backyard and share a romantic slow dance under the stars.

Date Idea #12: Take a winter hike.

Snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing are fun ways to enjoy the winter weather. Make this date extra special by taking your loved one to a romantic spot that holds a special meaning to both of you. Pack hot chocolate and snacks to share once you have arrived.

Planning a romantic date doesn't have to break the bank. With a little bit of planning, you can surprise the one you love with a creative and imaginative date. It can be as simple as going ice skating or watching a live taping of a local television program. Surprise your partner with a romantic date that they will remember for years to come.

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